L5 / 358 Lonsdale Street
Wurundjeri Country
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Courtyard House

Type: Residential
Location: Prahran, Boonwurrung Country

This inner-city family house, made of recycled brick, positions living spaces around a courtyard to transform the otherwise dark terrace block.

The courtyard is positioned to misalign with the neighbouring second storey volume on the north, ensuring solar access to living spaces through the winter months.

Lining the courtyard is a generously proportioned passage and an inbuilt bench with low level storage, perfect for toys. This space acts as an informal play space that hinges between kitchen, dining and living.

The street-facing living room features a bi-fold-opening bay window and a hit and miss breezeway that allow the family to control the degree of privacy and connection to the street, depending on the time of day.

Builder: Tilbuilt
Photos: Lian